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We offer wide range of Logistic and Cargo Services. Our years of expertise enable us to understand the requirements of the clients as we focus on providing the best qualitative services, there by satisfying their requirements completely.


STAVAN INTERNATIONAL has an expertise to handle the life science logistics over worldwide destination. We primary focus on the Temperature Controlled and Time critical shipments, Temperature controlled storage and distribution, Clinical Trial and biological samples, Hazardous cargo , commercial batch, Clinical Study & research material ,Active pharmaceutical Ingredients, Cells , Investigational drugs, Cord blood samples, Stem cells, Vaccines & Dossier shipments. Our LIFE SCIENCE DIVISION has an extensive strength in handling the time sensitive cargo in globally and National, with personalized attention, Expert knowledge, Flexible, high skilled and timely approach with beyond imagination.

We provide Door to door service within time for deliver the critical shipment. STAVAN collect your specimens and clinical trials from investigators sites and deliver globally with protecting and fulfill all the compliance of temperature controlled, handling, storage, packaging and transportation in entire logistics chain. STAVAN understand the sensitivity of the products and provide the packing and transport solution through various qualified temperature controlled packing and as per the temperature requirements through validated boxes , Envirotainers , Kryo box , Dry Shipper , Dry Ice.

STAVAN INTERNATIONAL’S Life science division handle the an number of shipment of time bound and temperature in different ranges like:

  • • 15-25 ° c / Ambient Temperature
  • • 2-8°c / Refrigerated temperature
  • • -20°c & -70° c / Frozen and Deep Frozen
  • • -190°c / Liquid nitrogen vapour / Dry shipper Key

Services: Personalized Shipment monitoring Qualified packaging solution Bulk temperature packing solution Dry ice Replacement and supplying Dangerous goods packaging & declaration Cold chain solution Pre and express clearance. IATA compliance Fastest Transit with same day , Next flight out delivery 24 x 7 track and on call service Delivery proof STAVAN INTERNATIONAL is offering the best , fastest and quality services for your time bound and temperature sensitive cargo with cost effective in Globally.


STAVAN INTERNATIONAL provides freight forwarding service which is a well-established global freight and trade network, offering a single-source solution to manage and transport freight. With a team of experts supervising operations, STAVAN offers the best fit solutions with its unparalleled access to a vast network of air, ocean, rail or road transport facilities.

All of which provides its customers with faster and wider access to vital markets globally.

With its proven expertise and experience in transportation and freight management, STAVAN has contracted with top shipping companies and today delivers time-definite services for a variety of clientele.

What’s more is that, with the large volumes it handles, STAVAN is also able to offer to customers extremely competitive freight rates across multiple locations.


STAVAN aim is to be one among world’s top global airfreight forwarders, with a full range of air logistics solutions. STAVAN INTERNATIONAL is provider of solutions in air consolidation and forwarding. We provide customer-specific airfreight services to our all shippers of all sizes. With our international expertise in Air freight Logistics forwarding, we can import or export your shipments in a reliable, timely manner to and from all major markets through Our extensive network and international alliance partners can provide you competitively priced, dependable and timely export and import air shipment service around the world.

Stavan has realized that time and money, are two vital issues when moving goods by air. We provides both inbound and outbound services to all customers, and has capabilities to handle consignments ranging from small shipments to full freight containers and pallets.

With decades of experience, a global network of agents and a reputation for dependability, Stavan offers air freight solutions that reduce costs, ensures timely movement and secure transit.

With the sheer volumes that it handles annually and the enviable rapport it shares with all the airlines, Stavan offers the best rates and a delivery schedule that is truly unmatched.

All STAVAN INTERNATIONAL Air shipments are planned, controlled and measured according to Cargo 2000 procedures, meaning your shipments are monitored from door-to-door within our network, as well as via individual transportation solutions to remote places. We understand the requirements of your business/supply chain & that is why we enter into contracts with carriers depending on route/service requirements/ capacity, so as to provide Solutions in both space allocation and pricing.

Stavan give the Air freight for below services in both Export and Import.

  • • Airport to Airport
  • • Door to Door
  • • Airport to Door
  • • Door to Airport
  • • Air Consolidation
  • • Dangerous Goods
  • • Perishable Goods


STAVAN has built up a strong portfolio of give ocean freight expertise and offers a smooth, fast and the most cost effective solutions for shipping goods globally with our strong and reliable partners in entire world. We are the mediator between the Shipping Lines and Customer. We provide dependable and on time export and import transportation services around the world. Stavan has contracts with shipping Lines to offer competitive rates by worldwide.

Stavan aims to provide assured shipment to and from any port, and in any country at very competitive rates. Stavan International ensure that shipments are in compliance with all import/export regulations plus access to both off board and on-board infrastructure essential to handling cargo.


FCL (Full Container Load):

Based on carrier routing options, FCL is our best transit-time-to-cost combination product for full container loads. FCL offers complete schedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailings per port-pair, and availability of equipment.

LCL (Less-than-Container Load):

A competitively priced consolidation product, LCL offers the highest levels of schedule integrity. Due to our freight consolidation expertise and regular worldwide connections from point to point, LCL provides you with reliable performance and a lower supply chain cost.

NCL (Non-Containerised Load):

For more complex projects we assign a dedicated team of experts with the experience and resources to match your exact requirements.

  • • Export & Import (Freight Forwarding)
  • • Door to Door, Seaport to Seaport Service
  • • Both LCL and FCL service
  • • Buyer Consolidation
  • • Groupage (LCL/FCL)
  • • Break bulk movement for Export/Imports

Special Equipments:

There are challenges faced by shipper where the shipped cargo does not match up the size of standard General Purpose Container. That is the time where the shipper is faced with a challenge of using special Equipments to move this shipment. Special equipments involves Flat Rack, ISO tanks, Flat beds, Platform, Open top, Flexi container etc. Stavan International has set of professionals who offer services like:

  • • Identifying the type and quantity of equipments required as per the Packing list.
  • • Assisting the shipper at factory for specialized loading.
  • • Sourcing Special Equipments at competitive pricing.
  • • Allied services including packing, lashing, choking etc.

Stavan Provides has expertise for the Cargo which requires temperature control. With our wide experience and technical expertise we provide best service for providing reefer Container for perishable cargo. Stavan has contractual rates with all major shipping lines to provide best quote to their valuable cargo.

Refer Transport is vital to many companies who need to transport perishable products over a long distance; where quality containers and good management are essential in order to ensure that the client’s products arrive on time and as perfect as when the container was packed.

How are Reefers cooled?

Refers rely on an external source of energy to ensure that the contents of the container remain pristine. When the products are packed and waiting to be transported, land based power (such as electrical power points) are used for this purpose. On ships, the container ship provides the power once the ship leaves port; and on the road, generators are often attached to the container to cool the contents on long trips.

What are the uses of a reefer?

In addition to facilitating trade and business in perishable items across vast distances, benefits for the consumer are also experienced. For example, consumers can experience products – such as fresh produce – year-round. In addition, produce that was previously never found in certain countries is now freely available.

Why make use of Stavan?

Quality containers and good management culminate in the successful and on-time delivery of perishable products – that become worthless should the container fail, or delays cause the products to remain in transit for too long. Our service extends from the beginning of the process, through transportation, and ends once successful delivery has been made. We have exceptional monitoring systems in place to keep track of our top quality reefer containers, and have emergency procedures in place need to anything happen while your goods are in transport.

Stavan Handle

  • • Tailor with Generator for 20ft and 40ft Reefer Container
  • • Reefer Van for deliver and pick up valuable cargo within city limit
  • • Reefer Truck for movement of Volume Cargo.
  • • Packing Material as per Standard to keep the temperature Controlled


Stavan has expertise for temperature-controlled air/sea freight capabilities include a range of services supported by sophisticated information technology. Our approach provides integrated solutions for your door-to-door refrigerated and perishable shipment requirements. It's critical for temperature-sensitive cargo to be shipped according to its exact requirements.

Stavan ensures that sensitive customer cargo gets the best possible care through our specialists strategically located around the world, our extensive expertise in the shipment of temperature-controlled cargoes, and our access to state-of-the-art equipment. We offer the flexibility a single source with access to the world’s temperature-controlled carriers. We can help you respond faster to changes in price and demand through access to multiple sailings with highly competitive transit times.

Temperature-controlled cargoes commonly handled include:

  • • Perishable foodstuffs
  • • Non-perishable foodstuffs
  • • Electronics
  • • Chemicals
  • • Pharmaceuticals

The combination of cargo temperature requirements and climatic variations means correct temperature control is essential so cargo reaches its final destination in the proper condition


Stavan offers a prompt and well organized custom clearance service to its customers covering both Air and Sea. This involves handling custom Clearance for various products cutting across Industry verticals. It involves steps from analyzing the documents till the physical clearance of the shipment, be it inbound or outbound.

Making this service more relevant is the fact that Stavan provide Consultation in Foreign Trade Policy, Customs, Central Excise, Insurance, and Logistics, 100% Export Oriented Units Schemes, Special Economic Zones Schemes, and Software Technology Parks of India Schemes. Import Customs Clearance - Customs Clearance of Capital Goods, Components, Spare parts, Raw Materials for all types of Industries.

Our customs clearance agents are experts in local specifications, conditions and regulations. This on-the-ground knowledge allows them to handle complete administration tasks for you swiftly and without complications.

Our comprehensive menu of service Provider incorporates preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities. Furthermore it includes electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy and documentation processing as well as security sealing and certification.

To minimize your customs issues, Stavan Gives

  • • Import and brokerage systems integrated into our global sea- and airfreight operations
  • • Brokerage services handled in-house by licensed professionals to the extent permitted by law
  • • Information system interfaces that are connected to customs authorities, where available
  • • Custom Clearance for Import and Export Goods
  • • Documentation, DEPB, DEEC, SVB Licenses.
  • • Transit Warehousing, Consolidated transportation
  • • Part of value added Services, Door to Door Services
  • • Project Cargo Clearance
  • • Temperature Controlled Shipment
  • • AOG
  • • Direct Delivery
  • • Exhibition Cargo
  • • Re Export / Re Import
  • • Multi Location Clearance
  • • Warehousing (Bonding) of goods in Public/ Private Warehouses
  • • Central Excise Clearance
  • • De bonding the goods from Public/Private Warehouse
  • • Special Economic Zone Units
  • • Software Technology Parks of India
  • • 100% Export Oriented Units


Stavan Project specialist’s solutions for professional handling of oversized and heavy cargo. It can also provide you ocean freight services for your Odd sized cargo/large movement is it installation machines/industrial plant etc. We can provide special equipments like OT, Flat rack containers etc apart from logistics hardware like cranes/trailers/fork lift etc in association with registered quality vendors. We will also take care of your import/export various domestic requirements like Octroi, sales tax & Excise etc. This coupled with all the necessary equipment and experts to handle the most complex road haulage projects make our company the partner of choice for our clients.

Transportation of odd and over-dimensional cargo to project sites in India as well as overseas, and ensuring that the equipment is duly returned to the principal constitutes the core of project cargo handling. Movement of project cargo requires special equipment and handling, as it does not fall within standard measurement or method.

Depending on cargo and route requirements, the scope of services can be extended to encompass inter-modal solutions, as well as customs clearance and reporting capabilities. This gives us an edge as incomplete or wrong customs documentation can cause considerable delay and cost to the delivery process, Shipping, reducing supply chain reliability With the advent of containerization, a major proportion of world cargo in now being transported in Standard units such as containers. However, still a significant volume of cargo (machinery, equipment and building materials) is being transported on break bulk basis due to the special handling requirements owing to the size, weight and nature of these items.

We offer following specialized solutions for Project Cargo:

  • • Project Forwarding
  • • Project Custom Clearance.
  • • Multimodal Transport.
  • • Air and Sea charter and Break-bulk.
  • • Door to Door service.
  • • Heavy lift Transportation
  • • Route Survey
  • • Allied Services


Break bulk refers to cargoes which are of odd dimensions and cannot be containerised. For this conventional ships are used which proves to be economical than use of special equipments.

STAVAN helps in providing the world class logistics solutions for the import and export of goods in a most economical and easy way. We make it more convenient by our close relationships within shipping industry that enable the most safe, reliable and competitive shipment possibilities to all destinations world-wide.

STAVAN offers specialized break bulk cargo handling services. We book vessels for break bulk cargo. Our technical expertise in handling heavy shipment equipment, shipment chartering, consultancy and other broking services give us the edge above our competitors.

We are well aware of the specific requirements and unconventional cargo handling that transpire in break bulk vessel handling. You will be nothing less than satisfied with our services.

The total cost of transporting goods from one place to another depends to a maximum extent on cargo handling expense. In break bulk cargo handling, cargo is handled manually on several occasions and then again assembled categorically in the warehouse. STAVAN is well versed with break bulk cargo handling and handles it manually without errors and such that you incur the minimum expenses to transport your consignments by sea.

Break-bulk Cargoes Services include:

  • • Cost efficient handling
  • • Efficient tally & supervision of cargo discharge/load
  • • Prevent cargo damage & claims
  • • Competitive Rate


Event logistics and then there's peace of mind. State-of-the-art facilities such as our self managed warehouses and comprehensive lifting and handling equipment illustrate our capability to manage the entire logistics of an event as complex as an exhibition. Our cargo tracking system means that customers know their cargo is in safe hands.

We care about every project, large or small. Our use of Key Performance Indicators to monitor service needs has enabled us to chart your requirements, so that we are positioned to provide a consistently high level of service.


Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies. It is said that the ultimate goal of any effective supply chain management system is to reduce inventory (with the assumption that products are available when needed).

A supply chain is the stream of processes of moving goods from the customer order through the raw materials stage, supply, production, and distribution of products to the customer. All organizations have supply chains of varying degrees, depending upon the size of the organization and the type of product manufactured. These networks obtain supplies and components, change these materials into finished products and then distribute them to the customer.

Managing the chain of events in this process is what is known as supply chain management. Effective management must take into account coordinating all the different pieces of this chain as quickly as possible without losing any of the quality or customer satisfaction, while still keeping costs down.

The first step is obtaining a customer order, followed by production, storage and distribution of products and supplies to the customer site. Customer satisfaction is paramount. Included in this supply chain process are customer orders, order processing, inventory, scheduling, transportation, storage, and customer service. A necessity in coordinating all these activities is the information service network.

In addition, key to the success of a supply chain is the speed in which these activities can be accomplished and the realization that customer needs and customer satisfaction are the very reasons for the network. Reduced inventories, lower operating costs, product availability and customer satisfaction are all benefits which grow out of effective supply chain management.

The decisions associated with supply chain management cover both the long-term and short-term. Strategic decisions deal with corporate policies, and look at overall design and supply chain structure. Operational decisions are those dealing with every day activities and problems of an organization. These decisions must take into account the strategic decisions already in place. Therefore, an organization must structure the supply chain through long-term analysis and at the same time focus on the day-to-day activities.

Furthermore, market demands, customer service, transport considerations, and pricing constraints all must be understood in order to structure the supply chain effectively. These are all factors, which change constantly and sometimes unexpectedly, and an organization must realize this fact and be prepared to structure the supply chain accordingly.

Structuring the supply chain requires an understanding of the demand patterns, service level requirements, distance considerations, cost elements and other related factors. It is easy to see that these factors are highly variable in nature and this variability needs to be considered during the supply chain analysis process. Moreover, the interplay of these complex considerations could have a significant bearing on the outcome of the supply chain analysis process.

There are six key elements to a supply chain:

  • • Production
  • • Supply
  • • Inventory
  • • Location
  • • Transportation, and
  • • Information


Our reliable Door to Door integrated logistic services takes care of the entire international Logistic for our valued customers whereby we collect the cargo from the exporter's factory or warehouse and carry out the entire transportation process right up till the delivery to warehouse or factory of the buyer. The entire process involves Multimodal Transport operations that may involve some or all of the services like stuffing of cargo in containers, road haulage & custom clearance at both ends, sea transportation on mother vessel and feeder vessel, rail transportation and warehousing. Our customers opt for our integrated logistics solutions so that they don’t have to deal with many parties usually involved in movement of cargo and thus reduce overall transportation cost, reduce risk of damage to cargo and concentrate on their core business activity.

Our strong global network of agents and associates enables us to offer reliable and guaranteed door to door services. You can completely rely on us for your Ex WORKS, DDU and DDP shipments.


Warehousing and distribution are the areas under growth. We offer storage and transportation services to importers, exporters, distributors, manufacturers, etc. Through our warehousing services, you get huge storage capacity and close proximity so that your consignments can be easily stored on unload.

We also provide the necessary transport services from the location where the shipment was unloaded to our nearest warehouse. We acquire the warehouse on lease as per your convenience and requirements; hence, offering flexibility of location.

Well guarded and spacious, our warehousing provides complete safety of the goods. Keeping the goods intact and impervious to any kind of damage, our warehousing facility is available throughout the country. Our expert freight forwarders ensure that utmost care is taken while transit of goods to the warehouse and ensures undamaged care for stored items. Our warehousing facilities include full pick-and-pack operation, temporary storage after de-vanning or consolidation of cargo prior to container loading, either for one off shipments or turnkey projects. We also provide packaging facility for safe transport the goods.

It also has at its disposal a pool of modern handling equipment to move and load cargo safely. These warehouses are available to clients for general storage (short and long-term), inventory management, container stuffing/de-stuffing, redistribution and offer complete security and are serve every purpose commercial warehousing both for long and short term storage.


Stavan provide their customer cross trade / 3rd country Logistics service. This is now a very important aspect for any business. We are already dealing into the 3rd county logistics and cross trade shipments to "round the world”. To be able to offer its customers definite solutions, it has created a highly credible network of agents at various strategic locations across the globe.

Today it‘s overseas co-ordination department is responsible for this function and it takes a lot of initiative to co-ordinate shipments, supervise connecting movements, collecting goods etc.

Stavan provide cross-trading at competitive rates, flawless Documentation, infallible transportation and spot-on delivery for shipments. At all times, we do our best to work in the best interest of our customers.

Our Cross Trading offerings cover a wide geographical region. We offer very innovative Cross Trading services to our customers.

  • • Correct documentation
  • • Competitive freight.
  • • Ensuring to protect the interest of customers..
  • • Complete coordination between the origin, destination and Cross Trading point.


Stavan Gives that what customers look for in a logistic partner is someone who can connect and deliver to diverse markets across the globe. Stavan has built up a strong network of agents in the global marketplace who are today, helping bring together distant suppliers, vendors and customers.

Stavan specializes in door to door logistics and it has created and operates a global supply chain that delivers consignments wherever customer’s demands.

So when a customer is looking for a service that can support his need from start to finish.



STAVAN as a total logistics solution provider also provide service to all customers for the domestic movement, to cater to and satisfy the complex industrial and commercial requirements of expanding economy and make the vast country seem smaller.

This entails insights into grooming managerial resources and streamlining manpower, setting standard in quality and fostering assurances of service.


With our regular movement and good relationship with the transporters will give a value added service to our all clients from there Container Transportation to Loose Cargo Transportation by road to all port in India and all over India, With our expertise in Road & Rail Logistics' analysis, optimization, implementation and management, we can deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your transport requirements. Our Road & Rail Logistics products are supported with our local market expertise.


As a neutral rail freight forwarder, STAVAN provide you with access to best-in-class rail operators and a suite of quality services. We can also design and integrate the necessary logistics services, including packaging, cargo insurance, customs clearance - even complex projects, such as dismantling and reconstructing entire plants. Will provide best rail freight from all over India.

We give Service Like:

  • • Block train, single-car and inter-modal transport
  • • Hazardous goods and oversized shipments
  • • Special services, including supplying raw materials to manufacturers, rail-connected consolidation hubs for retailers, and complete management of major industrial projects.


Stavan is approved Cargo Agent for domestic airlines in India. Stavan Provides airport - to - airport services to all commercial airports in the country and Door - To - Door services within its own network.

Stavan handles

  • • All commodities ranging from perishables and time sensitive cargoes
  • • Material for JIT inventories
  • • Sensitive medical supplies to high value bullion and foreign currency

These services are based on formally - structured and well documented systems and procedures, which are well communicated and well understood by all staff and network associates to ensure Quality service.


STAVAN provides Consolidation Service for LCL cargo by Air and Sea to serve with better for small cargo movement as cost effective and timely delivery. Stavan has built up a strong standing in the freight consolidation business.

Stavan always created services that put its customers interests first. Its Sea-Air services is a reflection of this. Today, it has a built up a strong portfolio of sea –air services which serve its clients across the globe. Assisted with a team of agents who are informed and also equipped to deliver, this service also offers the most competitive freight rates.


Backed by extensive experience, in handling LCL freight and supported by a worldwide network of agents, Stavan deliver cargo to any port or to any door across the globe. What it always strives for, is to make maximum use of the cubic capacity of each container, so that every customer benefits from the rates that result from packing maximum cargo into a container.

Stavan coverage from all important port's and is backed by an extensive ICD network. Its transit times for all destinations are the best available in the industry, plus it also offers an abundant choice of containers.

What this service also does, is ensure that the entire process right from packing, crating and even up to loading is done smoothly, swiftly and efficiently, resulting in a consolidation service that is truly reliable.


Your cargo is then tendered to the carrier as a single large movement, rather than numerous small shipments. This allows for several benefits, such as the economics of larger scale shipments.

Since all airlines and steamship lines base their rate structure on total volume or tonnage, the cost per pound for transporting merchandise decreases as the over all weight or volume increases. This can make a significant difference in unit cost for merchandise, particularly now, when margins must be kept tight to compete in our new global economy.

Special rates are available from carriers of frequent shippers, as well as for higher shipment weights and diverse destinations. This allows you to take advantage of pricing and incentives that are targeted at large multi-national corporations. These cost savings can reduce your transportation cost by a significant percentage.

STAVAN handles perishable, dangerous, fragile, large-volume consignments and takes care of its consolidation. We also offer discounts for high volume so that our clients can economize on our logistics packed services as well.



Stavan as a leading and responsible logistic service provider, we are well informed about the rules and regulations with regard to insurance that govern the global logistics industry. We offer advice and helps clients adhere to these regulations during shipments. It can advice on the types of coverage available with regard to a particular cargo, route or range. It also assists in preparation and ensures correctness of paperwork in all aspects. Additionally, it can also arrange for underwriting by the appropriate authority.

What this does is create additional safety for clients and helps limit losses in case of any unforeseen mishap.


We provide packaging solutions as a value add service / extension to the logistics services that we provide. We also source all types of UN specification packaging for example, drums, fibreboard boxes, wooden boxes, plastic jerrican’s and special containers for Infectious Substances, manufactured in accordance with Packaging Instruction 602. We are also provide thermal control units for dry ice shipments – as well as dry ice at very short notice.

We also provide packaging solutions for machinery and odd dimensions or refrigerated cargo


Stavan Offer addition to their clients for the documentation service. Which includes their Pre Shipment and post shipment Activities, and all D.G.F.T. Matter. This includes from first step of IEC Code procedure to Export Documentation to their post shipment document.

This is a very specialized and knowledge based service that Stavan offers to its clients. The service entails advising and guiding clients on issues pertaining to Claiming Duty Drawbacks, DEPB verification, DEEC Audit, DFRC verification, Bond Cancellations and more. With a team of knowledge specialists, well versed in procedures and custom laws heading this function.

Available at all locations the service is fast, relevant and it ensures that the relevant paperwork is complete, accurate and submitted to the appropriate authority on time.

For all this, the customer has to incur a very low fee to avail of advice regarding any post shipment activity.

Reasons To Choose Us

Our diligent team of professionals are highly skilled and spread all across the country play a very important role in the success of the company. They are engaged in modifying and executing their ideology to meet to offer variety to our clients.

We have a strong and motivated team of professionals engaged in upgrading of the services to offer quality services to the clients. Our team is highly skilled and immensely knowledgeable in the relevant field which enable them to achieve the company's goals.

  • Packaging experts
  • Customer Support
  • Freight Experts
  • Warehousing Experts
  • Logistic Experts
  • Quality Experts

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